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All of my speaking engagements are tailored to be appropriate for the audience.

 I define what grief, loss, trauma, bereavement and mourning are. We use these words interchangeably but they are quite different. Includes discussions on healing modalities, the role of culture and ritual in grief and loss. Memorialization and reframing as a mode of meaning making. 

Educational style dialogue

9/11 was a chapter in my story. It wasn't the end or even the beginning. Unbeknownst to me, I had been preparing for it for my entire life. Subsequently, it was the portal to my re-creation. It was a re-birth (labor pains and all) I speak on how I connected the dots in all of my major life experiences and describe the difference between unintentional growth vs intentional evolution.

The rising and the remembering

Arthur Schopenhauer stated “Mostly it is loss which teaches us the worth of things”. My talk on Grief and Grace dives deeply into how being broken is not the same as being broken up. There is an invitation at the confluence of heartbreak and despair to rise up. I speak on how I responded to this invitation and what I learned along the way. I use the acronym Grace to offer actionable tools for healing. 


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Keynote: No Victim Left Behind | Texas State University

Keynote Chippewa Strong: a 2 Part Community Resilience Series  | Chippewa Falls, Wi

Webinar presenter: NOVA National Crime Victims Rights Week

Workshop presenter: NOVA National Training Conference, New Orleans

SueTalk presenter | Los Angeles

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- bonnie e. owens

"Denise has offered the Tuesday’s Children community her voice, her heart and her energy at the times we needed her most. Her vulnerability broke down any barriers with our population and she left our group inspired and motivated to be their own positive change makers. ”

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